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© 2020 by Catherine J Schultz

Cate Schultz

Mystical Weaver



After owning and managing multiple businesses, including a multi-million dollar medical equipment company and an FAA certified flight school (most fun ever!) I decided to get down to the most important business of what I was put here on earth to do: Use my natural teaching and sage abilities to help others step into the light.

I write to entertain and empower. I write to illuminate and enlighten. My first book, Silent Sky, was written almost entirely at 3am. That seemed to be when my angel muse flew by and brushed me with her wings. My second book, Soul Primer, was the result of daily meditation sessions, as were so many of my poems, where the words just seemed to be handed down to me. The term for this kind of writing is "Spontaneous Inspired Creativity," and I thank my angels for blessing me with their words.

I hope you, too, will be blessed by these words.

Love, Cate


Step into your power...